Divine Clan

A Rainbow Six Siege Clan playing mainly for fun.
Only the best players play in the ESL group.





What we do

Teaching Siege

If you are new to the game/new to shooters our Teachers will teach you the way siege works and giving you tips and tricks.


Our Trainers wil play Terrorist Hunt/Customs with you and work on your aim/tactics/soloplay.

Playing Competative

There will be a team made out of the Best Players of the Clan and they will be be playing in the Divine ESL-Team

Playing for Fun

The most fun part of the Clan is playing Casual and f*cking around with friends, trying wierd tactics and stuff.

Clan tournaments

In the tournaments we play custom games. Everything from a 1v1 to a 5v5.

Mini Games

Small games we play in a custom game with the Clan-Members

Want To Join The Clan?