Divine Clan

A Rainbow Six Siege Clan playing mainly for fun.
Only the best players play in the ESL group.





What we do

Teaching Siege

If you are new to the game/new to shooters our Teachers will teach you the way siege works and give you tips and tricks.


Our Trainers wil play Terrorist Hunt/Customs with you and work on your aim/tactics/soloplay.

Playing Competative

There will be a team made out of the Best Players of the Clan and they will be be playing in the Divine ESL-Team

Playing for Fun

The most fun part of the Clan is playing Casual and messing around with friends, trying wierd tactics and stuff.

Clan tournaments

In the tournaments we play custom games. Everything from a 1v1 to a 5v5.

Mini Games

Small games we play in a custom game with the Clan-Members

Want To Join The Clan?